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Our brand marketing and PR expertise is recognized by businesses throughout the region, and we are often invited to speak at various educational and industry forums.

Past Events:

Date  Event Location Summary
November 29, 2012  Harbor One U Harbor One U
(a division of Harbor One Credit Union)
Mansfield, MA
Create Big Buzz for Your Small Business

Positive media coverage can raise awareness for most small businesses.  By developing a public relations strategy that leverages print, broadcast and social media, small business owners can successfully promote their products or services, often at no cost. This 90-minute, interactive seminar will provide simple tools and techniques for creating and executing your own media relations program.  Attendees will learn the secrets to securing free publicity, as well as best practices for integrating the traditional and social media platforms.

October 19, 2012 Business Fundamentals Bootcamp VI
Cambridge Innovation Center, Cambridge, MA How to Get Free Press Coverage That Drives Business Goals

Despite the rapid rise of social media, traditional print and broadcast media remain the most trusted sources of news and information. According to a recent study, only 30% of consumers trust information on social networks, while more than 70% trust traditional news sources. Too many businesses rely on social networks alone for marketing and business development.  Small businesses need to develop a PR strategy that leverages print, broadcast and social media to effectively advance the business mission. This presentation will address tactics that successfully exploit all media channels to convey your company’s value proposition. Attendees will learn the secrets to securing free publicity, and best practices for integrating the traditional and social media platforms.
September 27, 2012 Boston Women Connect Boston Marriott, Newton, MA
Got a book in you? Get it OUT!

Publish and Flourish! How can writing a book help you—the entrepreneur? Writing a book can give you credibility and “expert” status to attract new clients.  Your book is another product that you can sell, creating a new source of revenue. Please attend this event to be inspired and to learn from a panel of experts in authoring, publishing and promoting your book. Whether you are an author now or an aspiring scribe, you will learn—and share—at this event.
September 27, 2012
2012 Boston Social Media Summit
The Boston Common Hotel
40 Trinity Place
Boston, MA
Youtube 201- Making video sharing part of your online marketing strategy

Videos are not only a valuable way to showcase your organization. They also can be used to direct traffic to your website, thanks to YouTube features such as commenting, rating, and sharing. In addition, you can use YouTube to track and shape your message as your outreach campaign develops. In this way, your YouTube videos become an integral part of your social marketing strategy. Participants will walk away from this advanced seminar with new ideas and tools for exploiting the potential that YouTube offers.

Date  Event Location Summary
June 2012 Business Fundamentals Bootcamp V Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA Turning Your Expertise into Growth Opportunities

Today, competitive advantage is driven by what one knows as opposed to what one owns. To leverage a company’s full potential, you need to build strategic marketing and branding programs around key personnel and thought leaders. This presentation addresses strategies and tactics for turning thought leaders into business leaders.  Executives, small business owners, and entrepreneurs will learn the latest reputation marketing techniques to help them create unique value, increase visibility, and drive business growth – all on a shoestring budget.
April 2012 ABA Women Rainmakers Group Boston Marriott, Newton, MA
Building a Buzz and How to Do It

Developed program and curriculum for the ABA Women Rainmakers spring workshop, which was utilized I 29 cities across the U.S. The program provided female attorneys with best practices and tips on how to increase their visibility and attract business opportunities.

Served as presenter and facilitator for Boston workshop.
 September 2011  Holy Cross Alumni Association: HCLA "Brunchtastic" Fall Homecoming Event  Worcester, MA The Brand Is You: Marketing Strategies for Better Business Development

New business dynamics in the legal profession are in play and the competition for clients is intense. Clients are managing greater risk with fewer resources and are proactively looking to reduce legal costs. In this new business climate being a great attorney is no longer a guarantee of success – you need to be a savvy marketer. This interactive session will address how developing a personal brand can help lawyers attract and retain clients.


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